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Read about what I learned about marketing, sleeping routines, taxes, motherhood and the type of customers I no longer need to serve. 

1. 24/7 MARKETING 

At the beginning of 2018 my company Ladylegend Media moved from United Spaces to Strandvagen 7A in Stockholm, Sweden. We got a lot more customers and I stopped my Facebook Ads for six months and started to create online programs and automated systems to help my clients get results faster. BIG MISTAKE. 

The lesson learned is to never stop our marketing campaigns online which market our brand 24/7 while I'm asleep. We didn't reach 300% revenue growth as we use to do every year because we got to busy creating systems.  

Back-end systems is important to create but never in the absence of automated marketing if you want to grow minimum 200% every year and reach exponential growth in your business.


I slept very bad 2018. One of my strengths is to be hyper focused. The lesson learned is to never be so focused so that my body gets punished from the lack of a good night sleep.

Entrepreneurs as us need our prescious beauty sleep to have the power and energy to create the change we want for our customers.


Economy and tax planning can be boring for entrepreneurs and visionaries like us, especially when we're innovating our systems and products. The lesson I learned is to help myself to not think about taxes by always transferring 20% of our revenue directly to the governments tax account. 

In this way I don't need to get disappointed every time the tax bill strike us, instead I can get excited about adding more value to the market place and sell more!


My kids didn't see a lot of me this year. I worked late nights and mornings and slept until noon next day. I am thankful for their father and grandmother who made sure they got everything they needed. I got in touch with Darina Schartman, a family coach who helped me stop feeling quilty about working hard with my business. It helped a lot.

My values is about living out my higher purpose, meaning making a difference for female entrepreneurs in the marketplace. The best thing I can do for my kids is to be a role model by following my dreams and accomplish the visions coming from my inner calling and soul. 

The lesson I learned is to not feel guilty for not having a life that dosen't look like my own childhood, with a mother at home doing the cooking and cleaning. My kids got a mother with an inner calling that she must follow and hopefully they will dare to follow their dreams and inner callings one day. 


The lesson learned here is to work with believers of our brand who love innovation and to disrupt the market with a "early adapters mindset" like myself. Not just in words, but in solid action. They must be able to handle things not going well to push trough. 

When I look back on 2018, I got complaints by customers who didn't like or got super stressed by all changes we made in our business instead of appreciating all new stuff they got added to their business development services without having to pay more. 

Today, when a customer enters my business program or choose me to be their business mentor my first question is if they're ok with changes and to speed up their leadership and business by welcoming a lot of breakdowns and breakthroughs in shorter time slots. 

Fail fast is my motto. And to fail fast requires a lot of action and less talk. 

If they don't accept this culture of innovation, speed and handling breakdowns to create breakthroughs, chances of disappointment with our program will be very high. 

Creating change actually means creating a new culture and it's my responsibility to make sure people; customers, partners and my family get an overview of what culture Ladylegend Media stands for to create in the world, which they can choose to be a part of. 

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Yours sincerly,

Benjamas Plumarpurn

CEO, Ladylegend Media

Let me share my FIRST SECRET on how you can grow faster, optimize your cash flow and position yourself as a trustworthy business even though you are a small business owner. Here comes SECRET #1 - VISIONARY POSITIONING.


Before you jump in and work, work and work - take the time to think about what your business promise should be on the marketplace.

Apple positioned themselves to be ”DIFFERENT” and that’s how they built their computers. Innovative, different and not adaptable with any PC product or softvare that was the dominating computer back then.

The company RED Balloon, founded by Naomi Simson wanted that 10% of all Australians should have touched and enjoyed their products. 10 years later they reached their goal. Today they are the Top 50 companies to work for in the world.

Mindvalley is an education and personal development company founded by Vishen Lakhiani. His positioning was about educating 1 BILLION people through his personal development platform. 8 years later he did.

What is your visionary positioning? Where do you want your company to be 10, 20 or 30 years from now?

WRITE IT DOWN. If you don’t dare to write it down and act upon it with minimum three actions everyday you will not become a 6 figure business in less than 2 years.

You will not be able to replace yourself because growing is about creating systems in your company that can function without you.

Without visionary positioning your company will not become an asset and will stay being a liability - a new rat race you are stuck in because you don’t have the clarity of where your company should be in the marketplace.

So, grab a pen and paper and finish these different positioning helping sentences.

30 years from now my company will touch ________ (percentage) lives in _________________________ (country/city/worldwide).

Always, my company will stand for and be known for:


In the next blog post I will reveal SECRET #2.

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Yours sincerly,

Benjamas Plumarpurn

CEO, Ladylegend Media


How To Grow Your Business 2019 & Be Relaxed On New Years Eve

Here comes my 3 strategies to help you grow your business in 2019 after the Christmas holidays.


Right now, entrepreneurs all over the world feel unsatisfied and not good enough because we didn't reach our full potential in 2018. The thing is, we are growing humans. You will feel this every year and if you feel 100% satisfied, you are not an entrepreneur. Because the entrepreneur's life long dream and potential is about creating a better world to live in and die for. So be proud of yourself for not reaching your highest potential in 2018 and keep on being in that race in 2019 and the rest of your life. Leave guilt and shame outside your New Year's Door.


Seth Godin said "Marketing is the act of creating change" in his book This is marketing, so put 80% of your strategic mind into marketing, meaning the art of planning your next innovative campaign for 2019.

What do your business stand for and what offers can you make to make people want to step into your brand and follow your standards?

I will for example give a lot more quality time to my VIP customers, a more powerful sisterhood network and a great price reduction for the women leaders who step into my business program for female entrepreneurs and female CEO's.

Stop putting in more time in your product. It's already good and you know it. Put time on your next innovative campaign and execute it with warrior power. Because without marketing, you cannot impact anything for real in the world.


Before I worked hard to feel proud, get confirmation and then give my self permission to rest. Now when I work I also micro rest the whole year, and I plan how to do it.

One example is my Strategy dinners. Me and my clients can relax, enjoy good food in the same time as we work. That's how the culture at my company is. I work hard and I enjoy life at the same time.

Stop work hard to rest. Do the opposite. Rest, rest and rest to outwork, outperform and outlast. Right now I am sitting in a hotel in Stockholm, Sweden resting, eating and enjoying life with my family. I will continue with massage, fixing my nails and a pedicure treatment plus buying myself some sexy powerful black boots to enter my business warrior in the middle of January 2019. I also rest a lot by writing and sketching my actionable business plan.

What can you do to really pamper and ego boost your self? Just do it!

See you next year Queen! Do you live in Sweden? Then come and get some Ladylegend Business Afternoon Tea LIVE in Stockholm! Book your FREE spots here.

Yours sincerely,

Benjamas Plumarpurn

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