1 Out Of 6 Secrets To Become A 6 Figure Business In 2 Years

Let me share my 6 secrets on how you can grow faster, optimize your cashflow and position yourself as a trustworthy business even dough you are a small business owner. In this blog comes SECRET #1 - VISIONARY POSITIONING.


Before you jump in and work, work and work - take the time to think about what your business promise should be on the marketplace.

Apple positioned themselves to be ”DIFFERENT” and that’s how they built their computers. Innovative, different and not adapteble with any PC product or softvare who was the dominating computer back then. The company RED Balloon wanted 10% of all australians to touch and enjoy their balloons. 10 years later they reached their goal.

Mindvalley is an education and personal development company founded by Vishen Lakhiani. His positioning was about educating 1 BILLION people through his personal development platform. 8 years later he did.

What is your visionary positioning? Where do you want your company to be 10, 20 or 30 years from now?

If you don’t dare to write it down and act upon it you will not become a 6 figure company fast. You will not be able to replace yourself. Your company will not become an asset. Without visionary positioning your company will be a liability and a new rat race you are stuck in because you don’t have a focus on where your company should be in the marketplace.

So, grab a pen and paper and finish these different positioning options.

30 years from now my company will touch ________ (percentage) lives in _________________________ (country/city/worldwide).

Always, my company will stand for and be known for this:


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See you in the next blogpost!

Yours sincerly,

Benjamas Plumarpurn

CEO, Ladylegend Media

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