3 Ways to Get Raving Fans

Get raving fans and loyal customers by giving your viewers something extra, something that you know that they would appreciate but are not expecting since that is not normal practice in your business. Stand out with surprises!

1.Surprise your followers with their favourites

It has never been easier to start a new business than now and therefore it has never been harder to stand out. Surprise your followers by featuring one of their favorites! Does your target group has any favorite person? A celebrity, speaker, writer or influencer? Invite that person for an interview, an event or a workshop. Surprise your followers and they will surprise you right back with their loyalty!

2. Bring joy with gifts

Everybody likes to give and receive presents so take the time to give something to your customers and viewers. Festive times like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s day, Easter and midsummer are given times for a small gift but there are no rules or limits for when or what you can give! A handwritten card can mean a lot for a customer. Books and gift vouchers are always appreciated but why not try to make your own personal gift? You can for instance create a PDF guide or video packed with inspiring information.

3. Remind your customers often how important they are in your life

Your customers are your most valuable asset because without them you wouldn’t have any business. Remind your customers that they are important! Tell them often how valuable they actually are to you and your company and that you could not make it without them. Don’t look at your customers with dollar signs covering your sight, that attitude will not pay off in the end. Take care of your loyal customers and they will take care of you.

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