5 Reasons To Stop Chasing Customers

The constant chase of customers is very time consuming, but is it really necessary to sent leads on LinkedIn, send out mass mails and make numerous calls every day to increase sales?

1. The customers want to choose themselves

Today’s consumers are smart and well informed. They want to choose themselves whom to follow and eventually buy from. It is therefore very important that your company have a clear message of what you are offering and why.

2. Increased resistance towards traditional advertising

Research shows that consumers are increasingly resistant to advertising. A quick look at for instance a pair of shoes in an online shop often results in that that shoe will follow you around as an advertisement wherever you surf on the internet. This practice puts most consumers off. General advertising, sales people in shopping malls and telephone marketing is increasingly annoying today’s consumers - we are simply getting more resistant towards traditional forms of marketing. Today’s consumers is looking for something else.

3. People are inspired by a company’s history and values

People want to buy values. Nike is a good example of a company with strong core values. People buy Nike because they agree with Nike’s values. Nike show that athletes and brave people buy Nike and this movement behind Nike is what sells. The following quote captures clearly what it is all about:

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it” - Simon Sinek

You need to use storytelling and content marketing to show your values. What is storytelling? One can say like this: “Facts tell but stories sell”. In other words what is the story behind your company, behind your idea? What are your core values? Communicate that and let it be a significant part of your market communication.

4. The opportunities of digitalization

In our time of digitalization it has never been easier to become an entrepreneur but at the same time it is harder than ever to stand out. Use the modern technologies available to us! Show who you are, communicate your core values by creating free content using social media continuously. Tell your story of why you started your company and what your values, goals and driving forces are. In this way the consumers are not only meeting a company but the people behind it.

5. Premium brands get loyal customers

Focus on building a premium brand with a strong message and clear values. There will always be those who don’t share your values and that is OK. Continue to talk about the company’s history and values, communicate why it exists and what is important to you. The customers whose need you can fullfill will find you, customers who share your values will stay. That’s how you get premium customers - and the chase will end.

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