How To Give Your Followers Clarity

Get raving fans and loyal customers by helping your followers get mental, practical and strategic clarity by following these 5 steps

1. Remind them about what is meaningful. Life is not always pretty, wonderful and carefree. Life is far from perfect and we humans always have some kind of chaos going on in our lives. When you choose to act as a support in times of trouble, you can help your followers to gain greater clarity in their lives. Remind them of what is important and help them find the meaning of their lives.

2. Remind them of what is important. Help your followers to focus on what is important and put everything else behind. In a world where there is a constant flow of impressions and information it can be hard to keep one’s focus on the most essential in our lives. By reminding about what is most important, your followers can be supported in identifying that which is not furthering their lives and instead start to prioritise that which matters most.

3. Honor their present situation. Respect where your followers find themselves right now in their lives. Honor the journey that has taken them to this point in time and all the obstacles they have faced and overcome. It is not until you stop and reflect on where you are in your life right now that you can get a clear picture of where you want to go and how to get there.

4. Help them on their journey towards their desired destination. Identify what your followers can do to advance in their lives. Look at their present situation, identify the problems and formulate strategies to make them go forward. Help your followers to set goals, help them to work towards those goals and support the along the way to their desired destination.

5. AHA moments. What a wonderful feeling to reach one’s goal! As your followers progress they will get more clear on how they can reach their goals, spread their message and how to reach their next goal. Help your followers to focus on the experience and appreciate the feeling of gaining new insights.

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