2019 Is The Year When I Replace Myself

Here Is What I Learned In The End Of My Start-Up Phase in 2018.

Sometimes I’m very close to give up. It happened many times since I started my company. Some challenges feels overwhelming and frankly I just don’t know how to sort them out. But I have some words of wisdom with me. And they always get me back on track again.

1. Development Hurts.

It’s confusing, distracting, takes a lot of energy and it’s messy.

This insight has given me new strength and hope many times. Hope and strength that gives me energy enough to do what it takes to sort out whatever that needs to be sorted out. That insight is one of the things that brought me to where I am today.

2. I Need To Let Go Of Control.

Even though I am proud of where I am today, I want to develop more. One way to develop is to replace myself in person. One of the planes in 2019 is to let my partners do activities that I have been responsible for, so far. It could be anything that involves my company, like being responsible for the technique or holding events. The purpose is to make the company grow. This process challenge me to let go of the control.

3. A New Brand Promise & Business Afternoon Tea's in Stockholm, Sweden.

When I look back at this previous year, It’s been a good year with a high tempo, and the company has grown into another phase. I have changed the company’s name and partly the orientation. Previous Brave Generation is now Lady Legend Media. A new and important feature is that the business offers female entrepreneurs Business Afternoon Tea & a promise to reach 10.000's of people every month with the power of Facebook Ads and stunning organic content and storytelling because our intention is to touch 1 billion live's with female roles models and entrepreneurs. A concept that has been developed with both thought och feeling.

4. Make Christmas The Most Calm Month Of The Year.

Buy presents, cook food, make cakes and decorate at home, make this the most stressful period of the year for many people. For me it is the most calm period. It’s a time when I reflect, lights candles, spend quality time with my family, and recover. I save my energy and skip the baking. I buy food and cakes, and just a few presents. It’s a good way to end one year and to start a new. I look forward to the challenges 2019 has in store for me. In every challenge there is a solution. I just have to find it.


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