3 Strategies To Grow Your Business in 2019

How To Grow Your Business 2019 & Be Relaxed On New Years Eve

Here comes my 3 strategies to help you grow your business in 2019 after the Christmas holidays.


Right now, entrepreneurs all over the world feel unsatisfied and not good enough because we didn't reach our full potential in 2018. The thing is, we are growing humans. You will feel this every year and if you feel 100% satisfied, you are not an entrepreneur. Because the entrepreneur's life long dream and potential is about creating a better world to live in and die for. So be proud of yourself for not reaching your highest potential in 2018 and keep on being in that race in 2019 and the rest of your life. Leave guilt and shame outside your New Year's Door.


Seth Godin said "Marketing is the act of creating change" in his book This is marketing, so put 80% of your strategic mind into marketing, meaning the art of planning your next innovative campaign for 2019.

What do your business stand for and what offers can you make to make people want to step into your brand and follow your standards?

I will for example give a lot more quality time to my VIP customers, a more powerful sisterhood network and a great price reduction for the women leaders who step into my business program for female entrepreneurs and female CEO's.

Stop putting in more time in your product. It's already good and you know it. Put time on your next innovative campaign and execute it with warrior power. Because without marketing, you cannot impact anything for real in the world.


Before I worked hard to feel proud, get confirmation and then give my self permission to rest. Now when I work I also micro rest the whole year, and I plan how to do it.

One example is my Strategy dinners. Me and my clients can relax, enjoy good food in the same time as we work. That's how the culture at my company is. I work hard and I enjoy life at the same time.

Stop work hard to rest. Do the opposite. Rest, rest and rest to outwork, outperform and outlast. Right now I am sitting in a hotel in Stockholm, Sweden resting, eating and enjoying life with my family. I will continue with massage, fixing my nails and a pedicure treatment plus buying myself some sexy powerful black boots to enter my business warrior in the middle of January 2019. I also rest a lot by writing and sketching my actionable business plan.

What can you do to really pamper and ego boost your self? Just do it!

See you next year Queen! Do you live in Sweden? Then come and get some Ladylegend Business Afternoon Tea LIVE in Stockholm! Book your FREE spots here.

Yours sincerely,

Benjamas Plumarpurn

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