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the founder and CEO of LADYLEGEND MEDIA AB. 
Bill Gates vision was that there should be a PC in everybody's home. My vision is that no girl or woman should feel lonely, worthless or inferior in the world. Instead she should grow up with female entrepreneurs as role models in every industry through social media and I am determined to make it happen. 
Our mission is to be The Network, Education Company and The Digitizing Agency that promotes and exposes female role models to whomever they want, to as many as they want and whenever they want,  by using the power of digital marketing and social media.

dive into your heart & soul to fulfill your personal legacy and impact the world.

FREE DOWNLOAD | Dive into your heart & soul to fulfill your personal legacy and impact the world.
  • TRAFFIC. Learn how to create engaging Campaign Videos & Sales Funnels from social media to your services.
  • AWARENESS. Learn how to create consistent Optimized Content & Videos To Drive Traffic to your services, online courses and talkshow. 
  • ONLINE COURSES. Learn how to create Stunning Online Courses with landing pages, workbooks, videos, logins and course delivery. 
  • FOLLOW-UPS. Learn how to create Network & Event Pipelines & Campaigns with automized email or sms invitations.
  • MARKETPOSITIONING . Learn how to Create Trust To The Right People to build bigger brand awareness of your company and services.
  • LEADERSHIP. Learn how to Master Your Time, Focus and Energy in my Talkshow

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Benjamas Pluma's goal is to make you become the powerful leader you were brought on earth to be. In her show Benjamas and her guests share  their successes, failures, strategies, mindset, hopes and fears to become the better version of themselves and scale their life, business and contribution to other people. Get empowered, grow faster and create more clarity of your legacy to the world.


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